have a flight before you fly

Where else can you have a drink a flight before you take a flight?  Choose from 9 of our hand selected wine flights – 3 tasting pours of our favorite wines by varietal, or taste different flavor profiles of a certain country.  Buy your favorite wine with you to take with you on the plane to share at your destination!

Our master mixologist and CEO Taylor Surdyk is behind some of the best cocktails you’ll find at the airport.   Serving up both classic favorites – sip a Bellini or a Moscow Mule in a classic copper cup-  or try one of our hand-crafted signature cocktails – try a Rockin’  Narita made with soju and named after Japan’s International Hub, or the Twin Cities Rendezvous made with Surdyk’s own Silver Vodka and Minnesota-crafted Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison.

Kick back and enjoy some of our favorite local, domestic or imported beers

Whether you’re looking for a gin and tonic, a cold Summit EPA or just your favorite glass of wine we’ll make sure you have a great time before or after your trip.