Created in the 1930s by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. A refreshing mixture of Prosecco and white peach puree.

Originated at the Ritz Hotel in Paris around 1925. One part champagne and one part chilled orange juice; its simplicity has allowed it to remain a classic.

Old Fashioned
First seen in the 1880s, the Old Fashioned was originally served at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. Made of Bourbon, bitters, sugar cube & soda water, it is possibly the first drink to be called a “cocktail.”

Dating back to pre-Civil War New Orleans, it may be the first cocktail invented in America. The modern version is rye whiskey, bitters, simple syrup and absinthe and the original is only known as a “deep, dark secret.”

Moscow Mule
A popular drink made of vodka, ginger beer and lime. The name refers to the popular notion of vodka being a Russian product, and the flavor “kick” of the ginger beer. Invented on Sunset Blvd at the Cock ‘n Bull Tavern in the 1950s, this cocktail is credited with switching America’s preference from Gin to Vodka.

A classic cocktail made with gin, Maraschino liqueur and lemon juice. The Aviation was created at the Hotel Wallick in Times Square around 1900. Original variations with Crème de Violette gave the drink a sky blue tint.

Hemingway Daiquiri
You know the author, but did you know the Daiquiri is named after a beach near Santiago, Cuba? This variation was his favorite; white rum, lime juice, grapefruit, Maraschino liqueur and cane sugar.

White rum, lime juice, sugar, mint leaf, sparkling water & bitters originated as a cocktail in Cuba and another favorite of Ernest Hemingway at La
Bodeguita del Medio in Cuba. You can still read where he wrote: “Mi mojito en la Bodeguita” on the wall of the bar.


Mile High Margarita
Antiguo Reposado Tequila, orange zest simple syrup, agave nectar and fresh squeezed lime juice.

Twin Cities Rendezvous
MN originals Silver Vodka and Liftbridge Farm Girl Saison, with muddled orange, lemon zest simple syrup and agave nectar.

Red Eye Bloody Mary
A house blend of San Marzano tomatoes, spices and herbs that complement this uplifting classic cocktail.

Enjoy an interesting blend of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, with apple cider & a kick of ginger beer. The DC-3 aircraft revolutionized travel; this will revolutionize your tastebuds.

For those fearless and fun – Hendrick’s Gin, VeeV Açai, all natural Q Tonic and a lovely, long twist of cucumber throughout the glass.

First Glass
Valdoro Prosecco, St. Germain elderflower liqueur with a wild hibiscus flower effervescing at the bottom. It’s class, in a glass.

Concealed Weapon
You’re already through security, so sip on house infused jalepeño vodka, concealed by pineapple and fresh squeezed orange juice.

A classic martini with a twist, made with your favorite wingman, Goose…Grey Goose vodka that is.

Puddle Jumper
Broker’s Gin, white peach puree and a splash of both club soda and Sprite. It’ll get you there.

MSP Overshot
You won’t miss the mark with orange juice, pineapple juice, Ron Matusalem and Pama liqueur with a shot of Tortuga Rum floated right on top.

Rockin’ Narita
If you’re headed to Tokyo or not, you’ll still enjoy a blend of Japanese Alakey Soju, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, splash of soda and chiffonade of fresh basil.