Bar Snacks + Light Fare

Basket of Housemade Truffle Potato Crisps 6.
with blue cheese dip

Dips Trio with Pita Crisps & Pretzel Sticks8.
with beer cheese, hummus, and spinach-artichoke

Grilled Flatbreads 10.
• Prosciutto, Peppers, Quince, and Manchego
• Chicken, Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, and Pesto
• Spinach, Butternut Squash, and Feta

Creamy Tomato Soup(DF)
with Basil & Parmesan Croutons 5.
add half a grilled cheese panini 4.

Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes10.
Fress Mozzarella with a Creamy Center; Basil, Bushel Boy tomatoes, baguette toasts, and aged balsamic

Spicy Sicilian Meatballs with Tomato Sauce8.

Classic Mac & Cheese 8.
add bacon 2.

Cheese & Salumi Plate 18.
three cheeses, three salumi, olives, cornichons, nuts, and baguette

Antipasti Plate 12.
with salumi, cheese, olives, grained mustard, and baguette


Organic Spring Greens 8.
with radishes, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and toasted pumpkin seeds; choose Balsamic vinaigrette or Green Goddess dressing
add grilled chicken breast 3. | add grilled steak 6.

Flights Chopped Salad 12.
crisp Romaine, salami, turkey, fresh Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, and Green Goddess dressing

Caesar Salad 12.
Romaine hearts, croutons, Parmigiano Reggiano, and creamy dressing add grilled chicken breast 3.


served with our daily side salad

Jambon Beurre 8.
local Fischer Farms smoked ham and sweet butter.

Roast Turkey & Spanish Manchego 11.
with arugula, aioli, and housemade pear jam.

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad 12.
with arugula. | add bacon 2.

Caprese Sandwich 10.
Fresh Mozzarella, Bushel Boy tomatoes, and pesto.


served with our daily side salad

Chicken, Bacon, Avocado Club 12.
roast turkey, brie, apples, and creamy lingonberry sauce

Minneapple Melt 12.
roast turkey, brie, apples, and creamy lingonberry sauce

Greek Griller 11.
spinach, tomato, peppers, olives, artichoke, and feta

Grilled Cheese Trifecta 11.
Cheddar, Havarti, and Gruyere
add Bacon 2.

Tuna Melt 12.
Albacore Tuna Salad with Collier’s Aged Cheddar and tomato

Ham & Aged Cheddar Panini 12.
with caramelized onions and sage-apricot pesto


served from 5am – 12pm daily

Housemade Pastries 3.
scones, brioche, and specialty pastries

Housemade Bagel 3.5
with choice of cream cheese

Housemade Bagel with Smoked Salmon 10.
with tomato, red onion, and cream cheese

Quiche with Spring Green Salad8.
• Bacon, Gruyere, and Onion
• Spinach, Mushroom, and Chevre

Fresh Fruit Bowl 8.

Organic Steel Cut Oats8.
with butter and choice of brown syrup or maple syrup

Housemade Granola 8.
with milk or yogurt, fresh fruit, and honey

Farmer’s Breakfast Sandwich 9.
with scrambled organic eggs, Parmigiano cheese sauce, cheddar, and choice of bacon, ham, or sausage

Avocado Toast 8.
with tomato, arugula, fried organic egg, and English muffin

Poached Organic Eggs 13.
two poached eggs, prosciutto, sautéed spinach, grilled bread, and salsa

Steak and Eggs 14.
with MN Grassfed beef, tomato, arugula, fried organic egg, and english muffin

Breakfast Sides

Applewood Smoked Bacon 5.
Housemade Maple Pork Sausage 5.
Fischer Farms Smoked Ham 5.
Crispy Hashbrowns 5.
add an organic egg 2.